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  • Experience

    We are specialized on all aspects of virtual terrain generation and real-time simulation.

    TrianGraphics offers professional services in terrain modeling for a multitude of platforms, as well as services in complex 3D model creation, and software development in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation. Our customers work in the field of flight, marine and driving simulation, landscape design, architecture and urban planning.

    • Flexibility

      Our proprietary tools enable us to work very efficiently and to respond quickly and flexibly to your wishes.

      Our software Trian3DBuilder is also very flexible. The SDK of Trian3DBuilder 6.2 allows you to control almost any part of the software and to develop your own plug-ins to optimally integrate Trian3DBuilder into your own individual workflow.

    • Close Contact
      To achieve the best possible results for you, we made it our duty to combine our technical know-how in software development with high stylistic demands in modeling and texturing

      When needed, our engineers and technicians get directly in touch with you.

      • Quick Response
        We respond very quickly to customer inquiries and requests

        For software clients we also offer annual service & support (maintenance). You will receive all minor and major updates for free and get comprehensive support. Requests are usually answered within 24 hours.

        • Full service

          Despite of TrianGraphics's international orientation, we attach great importance to providing you with professional, individual advice and to reacting flexibly and efficiently to your particular needs. For large, as well as small projects, we show you financially favorable solutions. Regardless of the size of your project, our products always maintain the "state of the art". 

          Rare formats or large data sets do not pose a problem for us, nor do particular models in architecture or exceptional types of terrain. 


          We wish a Happy New Year to all our partners and customers.

          With a multitude of state-off-the-art projects we are pushing forward in terrain generation while improving Trian3DBuilder for all our customers. Our road-map hereby includes even faster mesh generation, better rails and various new formats.

          This year's overall goal is to take a huge step ahead with an even more flexible generation approach using a visual scripting interface.

          Looking forward to hearing about your ideas and demands.


          Your TrianGraphics Team


          TrianGraphics GmbH

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          Phone: +49 (0)30 48495565
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