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In addition to landscapes it is mainly the integrated 3D models which contribute to intensify the realistic feeling of virtual surroundings. Thus the recognition of buildings that serve as navigation aid for pilots plays an important role.

Our models are intricately detailed, they do, however, consist of only a low number of polygons. This is the precondition for real time representation. The models are offered in various levels of detail fitting the LOD strategy of the visualization software.

In addition to terrain models our business activities also comprise of modelling tasks for architecture and industry visualizations as well as for entertainment purposes.


EdgedSign Model library

TrianGraphics Geotypic Texture Set



Kurfürstendamm Berlin

To present the capabilities of the Roads Module, we have generated this demo project.

The so called Ku'Damm in Berlin is the place for shoppers to become happy. The Kurfürstendamm is characterized by shops and restaurants. It is one of the most important tourist places in the Western city of Berlin. With its many branched roads and the Gedächtniskirche, a Berlin landmark, this is an outstanding scenario to present the Trian3DBuilder Roads Module.


We wish a Happy New Year to all our partners and customers.

With a multitude of state-off-the-art projects we are pushing forward in terrain generation while improving Trian3DBuilder for all our customers. Our road-map hereby includes even faster mesh generation, better rails and various new formats.

This year's overall goal is to take a huge step ahead with an even more flexible generation approach using a visual scripting interface.

Looking forward to hearing about your ideas and demands.


Your TrianGraphics Team


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