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Geotypic Texture Set

The “Geotypic Texture Set” library holds 30 different types of landscapes for various continents and vegetation zones. The Library helps you to extend and enhance the look of your generic and geotypic landscapes in Trian3DBuilder.

Each texture set includes:

• up to 5 seamlessly tileable versions to avoid visual repetition
• alpha maps for crossfading one feature into another whilst keeping the structure
• detailed vector definitions for geotypic object placement

Geotypic Texture Set


We wish a Happy New Year to all our partners and customers.

With a multitude of state-off-the-art projects we are pushing forward in terrain generation while improving Trian3DBuilder for all our customers. Our road-map hereby includes even faster mesh generation, better rails and various new formats.

This year's overall goal is to take a huge step ahead with an even more flexible generation approach using a visual scripting interface.

Looking forward to hearing about your ideas and demands.


Your TrianGraphics Team



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