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While geospecific terrains are generally based on satellite images, geotypical terrains are gained from site descriptions of the different types of terrain, such as forest, meadows, sparsely populated towns or cities. On the basis of favourable and reusable original data we manage to generate landscapes which are typical for any location in the world.

High quality is achieved by photorealistic texturing together with a new tiling technique, which blends textures to keep their structure and to avoid visible repetition.

Using relief constraint texturing, geotypic terrains are improved or pure generic databases are generated. For this approach textures are blended depending on the height and slope of the terrain.

The landscapes are further augmented with 3d objects of plants and architecture, which are placed in dependence on the particular texture.

The climate zones provide diversified large terrains with a varying look through different texture and geometry sets for the geotypical and generic terrain generation.

The generic textures may be saved as georeferenced geotiff images and thus also be used in other applications.



We wish a Happy New Year to all our partners and customers.

With a multitude of state-off-the-art projects we are pushing forward in terrain generation while improving Trian3DBuilder for all our customers. Our road-map hereby includes even faster mesh generation, better rails and various new formats.

This year's overall goal is to take a huge step ahead with an even more flexible generation approach using a visual scripting interface.

Looking forward to hearing about your ideas and demands.


Your TrianGraphics Team


New Modul from Version 5.0: Service Development Kit (SDK)


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