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The new Customer Portal

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The new Customer Portal
March 14, 2018


This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

Creating an User Account
Open your account just by clicking on the button "Customer Portal".


After completing the Registration Form an email will be sent to you with a link to verify your registration. Follow that link and your user account will be activated and fully functional.



Editing your Licenses
In order to edit your licenses, access your personal menu by clicking on “Profile and Licenses”, the icon located on the top of the site, near the language selection.


The resquested license number is the same as your Key ID. To find out your Key ID, plug in your Dongle into an USB slot, and tip "localhost:1947" in your browser -without quotes-  You will access the Sentinel Control Center. On the left bar click on the "Sentinel Keys" button, there you will find your Key ID, like in the picture. Enter that license number in the "Profile and Licenses" menu, save the page by clicking on the button located in the botton left side of the page, and wait for validation (the grey check mark will turn into green). In the case you have an LMX License, the license numer is the same as you MAC address.


Introduce the license number on the required fields (see pic.) If you want to add more licenses use the "add another item" button. Once you have finished adding your licenses, click on the "save" button on the botton of the page.


Once your licenses are activated -it may need a day, or two if you are activating it on the weekends- a green check will appear (it not activated it will remain grey)


Now your product is active and you can download it!



Visualizing and downloading Licenses
After editing your licenses, go to “Installation files”, "Licenses" and/or “Individual downloads” and proceed to download your products.

The Customer Portal has been created with our Customers in mind.  If you encounter any issue, or have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Meet us at the Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference 2018 Europe

TrianGraphics will be showcasing the latest version of Trian3DBuilder at the 2018 edition of the DSC conference, held in Antibes (France), organized by the Driving Simulation Association. The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of the art of driving simulation technology, research and development. If you wish an in deep description of the talks offered at the Conference check out the DSC 2018 Program

Visit us at booth 1 to experience live [...]

Our newsletter is the best way to get updates about Trian3DBuilder, as well as tutorials and information about TrianGraphics' event participation, like exhibitions, conventions and lectures. To comply with GDPR's consent requirements, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription. We would like to point that we store your information for the sole purpose of communicating with you. You will find more details on the submission form.


To Sign up click on that link.


We've just launched a new website for our terrain generation system Trian3DBuilder. Our product website has a new, fresh look, and provides a quick overview of our software's most important features. The clean design and intuitive navigation quickly directs you to the information you are looking for.

At you will find examples and case studies of our four main focus areas: ground, flight, automotive and maritime. Experience how simple and fast game quality terrain generation can be, by using Trian3DBuilder.


This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

As an additional goodie, our Service & Support Customers will find the Trian3D Model Library XT completely free of charge in the installer section of the portal. The Trian3D Model Library XT contains almost 500 models with different LODs optimized for real-time rendering, a powerful resource for your 3D terrains.




You are a journalist and researching on simulation, data bases, digital terrain, virtual reality, or related topics?

We are available for questions and interviews!

Contact us.


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