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August 17, 2017

With our last update Trian3DBuilder is now faster than ever before and comes with new features for OpenDrive generation and VBS Databases!







Roads Module

  • Editable AI Splines for OpenDrive
    So far the AI Splines for OpenDrive within crossings have been generated procedural and automatically. This is still the case, but with the new version of Trian3DBuilder it is possible to edit the AI Splines and export the modified version to OpenDrive without changing anything in the visual database. This function is extremely helpful when editing complex crossings. Like any other vector, the AI Splines are very easy to edit using the Trian3DBuilder vector tools.​

  • WYSIWYG Live Update Deactivation
    That is a new function to activate and deactivate the live update for changes on Road WYSIWYG geometries. The function will speed up your workflow if you make many modifications via Road WYSIWYG and don’t need the instant visual feedback for the whole geometry.

VBS Export Improvement

  • Support of VBS Model Libraries!
    Trian3DBuilder now supports Bohemia Interactive’s VBS Model Libraries, packed as .tml file. In order to do that, go to your Trian3DBuilder Library, create a new group and select the .tml file. Then select the models which should be imported into your Trian3DBuilder Library. The models can be placed as external reference using the normal workflow via Point-, Contour-, Area Obj Placer or Geotypic Module. 

  • Biotopic Definitions
    Use SilvadorLight to create biotopic files for the procedural generation of vegetation in your VBS Simulation. Trian3DBuilder now comes with a function to read Silvadors .sx files and export the definition to your “ready to use” VBS Terrain.

  • Enlighten your Scenes
    Take the maximal benefit from the combination of Trian3DBuilder Modules. Use the Trian3D Maritime Module to create your flight, offshore or coast scenarios, and light them up! The maritime module uses nautical charts to automatically place swimming buoys and beacons with lights in your scene. All lights including direction, color and blinking sequences will be exported and placed into your VBS terrain.

    The VBS Exporter now supports objects with lights, such as street lamps, traffic lights, etc. To make use of this function just add a lightpoint to your model. Of course Trian3DBuilder comes with a selection of usable models to increase your database. 

Performance Improvement
The read/write management has been optimized to reduce the access to the hard disc and the memory workload during the mesh generation. The use of multi-threading is optimized as well and saves up to one third of the previous generation time for large databases.

Furthermore, Trian3DBuilder now supports OSG DrawElements in OpenSceneGraph 3.4 and higher, instead of Indices Array which are not longer supported in newer OSG and OpenGL Versions. The changeover also reduces memory usage, resulting in the fastest terrain generation.

Handling of Imagery
There is a small but helpful new function to manage the imagery that is not yet ready for generation. The procedure goes as follows: Select as many colors as you like and turn them into transparency. This way colors which are often at the edges or in the background but are actually not part of the real image won’t be used for generation. 

The Trian3DBuilder 6.3 SDK supports now Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Release Notes for Trian3DBuilder 6.3:

  • VBS Improvements

    • support adding of models from VBS Model libraries

    • support of biotopic definitions

    • support nautical lights and street lamp lights

    • improve export of config files for 3d Models

  • Support of OpenSceneGraph 3.4 (and higher) IVE/OSGB etc. 

    • rendering with support of osg::DrawElementsUInt instead of osg::IndicesArray

  • Improved memory and read/write management of terrain mesh handling

  • Faster access to geodata by improved multithreading 

  • Support for multiple transparent colors for imagery

  • Editable AI splines for roads

  • Improved road generation

  • Automatic fixing of broken modifiers on project load

  • Visual Studio 2015

    • new compiler built

    • SDK support for VS2015

  • Activate\Deactivate WYSIWYG update

  • misc fixes


Service & Support customers can download the update easily within Trian3DBuilder via [Help] -> [Search for Updates].

If the update function does not work because of e.g. local security settings, please send an eMail to our support team to receive a direct download Link:

June 01, 2017

At CANSEC 2017, Meggitt Training Systems along with Simthetiq and TrianGraphics is showcasing the benefits of interconnecting different training systems and technologies to unleash the full potential of collaborative training scenarios.

The demonstration connects virtual armoured vehicle, 81mm mortar and small arms trainers running in two different simulation platforms in the same correlated terrain environment.

Simthetiq worked closely with TrianGraphics, using our VBS Exporter tool to generate a correlated VBS terrain that allows common, networked scenarios to be conducted across Meggitt’s different training systems.

Vincent Cloutier, Simthetiq CEO, stated: “The cross-platform flexibility we provide was key for Meggitt - who placed their trust in Simthetiq and TrianGraphics’ expertise and innovative approach to terrain generation for their key simulation product demonstrations at CANSEC.”

May 04, 2017

Visit us at Booth # 34z and check out the brand new  release 6.2 of our database generation system Trian3DBuilder.

Date: 16th - 18th May 2017

Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA
The Netherlands

ITEC Registration

TrianGraphics' Team is looking forward to your visit at the 2017 ITEC in Rotterdam!

April 10, 2017

An Update for Trian3DBuilder is Now Available





Open Street Map Import Improvements

The OSM vector import now supports almost all available classes and imports them to pre-categorized templates in Trian3DBuilder.

Values like height, level count, roof type, texture classes of buildings are assigned automatically during OSM import. Further, the Building Modifier supports new roof types: dome and onion roofs.

New Modifier: Object Extrude

The Modifier extrudes models with static, dynamic and repeatable parts along a path to create guard rails and fences etc.

New Modifier: Vector Template

The Modifier places vector files including generation rules. There are manifold areas of application for this modifier, one of which is placing complex markings like arrows on the ground.

New Modifier: Point Offset

Place models with relative offset to a vector point (for setting up combined models like traffic lights etc).

New Mapping:

  • Box Mapping
    Use one texture and define a mapping box for more flexible object mapping and texture atlases.

  • Mapping Anchor
    Define an anchor in UV coordinates on a texture to specify where a texture has a visible edge. The mapping algorithms might slightly strech the texture and thus avoid effects like windows or doors being cut at building corners.

  • Show U/V coordinate and pixel position
    The mouse over picker shows U/V coordinates and pixel positions which is helpful to find the right settings for box mapping and mapping anchor.
  • Switch U/V Mapping
    New switch flag in Modifier Mapping to rotate texture coordinates by 90 degrees.

Release Notes for Trian3DBuilder 6.2

  • New Road Import Formats
    • Using highly accurate road definition with lane separators
  • Wizard improvement
    • Import multiple vector formates from different sources
    • Import "All Data" (no need to assign import bounding box)
  • OSM Import Improvements
    • support for all available classes (industrial, civil, religion etc.) and attributes (height, min height, level count etc.)
    • import to pre-categorized templates
    • new roof types: onion, dome
    • better textures
    • detect building parts and tune modifier
  • New Modifier
    • "Object Extrude" extrude models with static, dynamic and repetaable parts along path
    • "Vector Template" place vector file with generation rules via placer modifier
    • "Point Offset" place model relative to vector point (e.g. to setup combined models like traffic lights)
  • New Mapping Features
    • box mapping (assign attributes template mapping box under texture attributes)
    • mapping anchor (assign U/V positions on a texture to be stretched to - prevents cutting windows etc.)
    • show u/v coordinates and x/y pixel position in texture preview window
    • switch flag in modifier mapping to rotate texture coordinates
  • Auto Create Reference Groups on Vec Import
January 25, 2017

TrianGraphics attends this years forum “Simulation in und für die Ausbildung” (Simulation during training and for training purposes) as exhibitor. The Forum is hosted by the Studiengesellschaft der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik mbH (Research Association of the German Society for Defense Technology). TrianGraphics will present the newest version of their virtual terrain generating software Trian3DBuidler.


Visit us at booth F3 or arrange an individual appointment:


Date: Wednesday February 8, 2017 - Thursday February 9, 2017

Registration until: Tuesday February 7, 2017



Location: Stadthalle Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Address: Koblenzer Straße 80, 53177 Bonn



With our last update Trian3DBuilder is now faster than ever before and comes with new features for OpenDrive generation and VBS Databases!



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